Our WebApps:


  • Database (MySQL) driven website application
  • For websites, business requirements
  • CMS - content management system
  • Add, edit, delete content according to webapp settings for Admin/Users
  • Content Management system: Group, user controls
  • Client can edit all content directly from any web browser
  • Using CMS: No developer, designer costs, client maintains control, no delays (other than your own available time!)
  • Our apps are mobile, smart phone, tablet and PC friendly, with fully responsive designs.

Group Management System:

  • We develop user-friendly web database applications: data navigation, sorting, filtering, editing, inserting, deleting, importing, exporting, and users/groups management.
  • Groups can be setup for many uses such as: Employees, clients, members, departments, locations/branches etc.
  • Each group can have different permissions set for it for viewing, adding, editing, deleting of pages/records.
  • Individual members of groups can also have special user permissions set for them.


  • Easy to use even for techno-phobics!
  • Straightforward, non complex system
  • Full personal support from developer (as backed up by existing clients)
  • Some free and/or extremely low prices for registered small charities


  • Flexible designs to suit our clients needs and requirements - several standard CMS page styles available from our standard options or customised pages/tables are possible.
  • Start with our basic budget offer and easily expand the web app to meet your future needs and requirements with our low cost add on elements, modules

Splash, Landing, Home Pages:

  • You can arrive directly to a landing page, home page, index menu or include images etc. formatted to display with parallax or hero style scrolling techniques.
  • We can provide single or multiple landing pages in either full html or bootstrap to suit all requirements...

Menu Styles, Backgrounds:

  • We provide our standard menu styles and match backgrounds to suit client requirements, logo's etc. We have a flexible approach and can cover for most any needs, types, styles

CMS Text and Image Content:

  • We design our web apps to allow you the maximum amount of text/image content editing via your browser window. Permissions are set under our group management system.
  • We can also include text editing in our standard responsive website designs.

Filters, Sorting, Reports etc.:

  • Let us know what features you require built into our web apps: we can provide easy to use filter / search forms and can produce reports, invoices etc. based on page content etc.
  • Group Management System
  • Landing, home or splash pages
  • Menu styles, backgrounds
  • Parallax and other features
  • CMS Image and Text possibilities throughout 


  • EMail notifications upon event triggers (i.e. New member, Contact/Feedback form submitted etc.)
  • Basic EMail, contact, tasks and calendar functions
  • Email/Storage only applies if URL website on our server

Please refer to further details under each product/item.

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Charity App Package

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Database Basic App Package

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SBA (Standard Small Business App):

SBA (Standard Small Business App):

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