• SBA (Standard Small Business App):

SBA (Standard Small Business App):


MAIN MENU = Home, About, Contact Us, Contact Form.

WHAT WE DO MENU: (4 sections: 10 pages each).

MORE MENU: Albums (1x12), YouTube Movies (2x10 - Max 20).

  • That's equivalent to over 47 pages on a traditional website!
  • All with CMS, where you can edit text and images via your browser.
  • We present our work progress on a demo site for you to view progress and issue instruction, comments and observations
  • Our apps include client notifications on events such as new record added or change made etc.
  • Combine with one of our e-shop solutions for a complete service.

Free Sub-domain, Email notifications.

Database Module
# SBA: Modules Small Business Application

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SBA (Standard Small Business App):

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